Golf Cart Customizations

Rochester Golf Carts will create and customize golf carts for you. From custom painting and seats to mag wheels and lift kits, whether you’re looking for a PGA-inspired look or a nod to your favorite football team, we’ll create the perfect ride for you and your family!

We can customize your cart to whatever you want, new paint, lifted, new wheels, stereo systems, adding utility boxes, making them street legal, safety bar on back, tow hitches you name it we can do it. Even getting custom decals printed and installed. CALL (507) 202-0682

Golf Cart Customizations in Rochester

Are the run-of-the-mill golf carts not meeting your needs? Do you want a golf cart that reflects your personality and is comfortable, with all the best options? Golf Cart customizations in Rochester is what you need to be looking into!

Some of the golf cart customizations in Rochester available at Virgil’s include:

  • New Paint

  • Lifted

  • New Wheels

  • Stereo Systems

  • Adding Utility Boxes

  • Saftey Bar on Back

  • Tow Hitches

  • Custom Decals Printed and Installed

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Our custom services are not limited to what is on this lift, however. Whether you are looking to upgrade and modify your existing golf cart, or build one from scratch, Virgil’s can bring your vision to reality.

Are Golf Cart Customizations in Rochester Affordable?

The big question on your mind is, “how much is this going to cost?”

At Virgil’s we do our best to offer the most affordable solutions to our customer’s customization needs. Custom modifications on a golf cart can be expensive, but we will do our best to create the golf cart you have been dreaming of, no matter what your budget may be!

Other Golf Cart Services

Once you have your golf cart customized or built, the maintenance schedule is more important than ever. You will want to protect your investment by ensuring annual maintenance and inspections are completed on your golf cart. Virgil’s offers all these services and more!

Golf Cart Services Offered:

  • Oil Changes
  • Light Mechanical to Major Overhaul on all golf carts
  • Lift Kits
  • Mag Wheels
  • Custom Paint Jobs
  • New Rims
  • Sports Customization
  • Complete Character Remodel
  • Maintenance

Golf carts are like the car in your garage in that they need regular maintenance to minimize problems and increase the life of your battery and engine. Whether your golf car is gas or electric, used on the golf course, farm, or construction site, sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is necessary for and prevents big problems that are expensive and take time to fix later down the road.

Talk to your custom golf cart services technician to figure out the maintenance schedule that is best for your golf cart. The last thing you want is someone who does not understand the customization you have installed to accidentally damage or ruin your golf cart.

Even if your golf cart was not customized by Virgil’s we understand the distinct types of modifications available and can work on any golf cart brought to us whether it is for regular maintenance, an inspection, or a brand new paint job.

golf cart wheel customization
golf cart lift customization