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That is what we do, at Virgils Auto Clinic and Towing we offer a mobile battery service. We will test your current battery, alternator, starter, and connections. If we find the battery to be bad, we can replace it onsite with a top of the line AAA battery. Our AAA Batteries come standard with a 6-year replacement warranty, which you won’t find in the market place. If the battery has an issue and its covered under warranty, we will come to you and replace it. Where will you find that service.

If we find and issue with the alternator or starter, we will show you the report, discuss the options, and set up an appointment for you at Virgils Auto Clinic, and if you would like, the tow to Virgils will be complimentary with the battery testing.

Virgil’s is driven to give you the best customer service and experience.  That’s why when you are in need we will come to you.  No matter what the issue is with your vehicle, we will take care of you. When you call Virgil’s we will treat you like family.
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Virgil’s Towing and Auto Repair proudly uses
AAA batteries

AAA batteries have a 6-year warranty it is 3 years full warranty and 3 years pro-rated.  As a AAA member, you don’t pay for labor to install a battery and you get a discount on them.

Call us today for your battery test, its recommended to test your battery at least once a year, and its best practice to test prior to winter. Winter takes a toll on batteries with the very cold starts.

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Vehicle breakdowns don’t happen on a schedule. When your vehicle isn’t working at any time of the day or night, call Virgil’s. We offer emergency towing services in your area. We have the equipment to tow any kind of vehicle when you’re in a bind. We take pride in providing outstanding and timely customer service so you can get to a safe place as soon as possible.

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Virgil’s Battery Team is here to help you.  We want to provide you with the tips to best care for your car.